Werewolf Book Interview with Nickel Crow Author of Master of the Hunt

Today WerewolfBook.com Interviews Nickel Crow, author of Master of the Hunt. Here is the Amazon Link. ISBN 978-1494817893 ASIN: B006E8EGL6.

About the Book:

Revenge is cheap.

Harrison Dale is kidnapped and transported to a mysterious island where he is imprisoned with a select group of other victims. There, he learns each of them has been brought to the island for a deadly purpose – to be hunted and killed by grudges from their past. To make it fun for the hunters, the victims are trained in the art of island survival and given a chance to escape. Before long, however, the others learn that Harrison Dale is different. He’s been targeted specifically by the island owners, barbaric brothers who have hunted and killed everything imaginable, including men. Harrison will provide them with an altogether new challenge. Why?

Because Harrison Dale is a werewolf.

The caveat – Harrison has vowed to never allow the demon within him to rise again, even if it means losing his life. The brothers, however, can be extremely convincing. Can Harrison hold out long enough to escape and not lose his soul in the process?

About the Author:

Nickel Crow is a screenwriter, author, and storyteller. He loves crazy dark stories, but also works with great humor and intellect, or, to put it simply, great stories. His favorite works go back a long ways, to the work of ancient mythology, to the poetry T.S. Eliot, to “The Twilight Zone” and “The Outer Limits” series, to contemporary fiction and film of all kinds. He hope you enjoy his works.

Now the Interview Questions: 

Question: What inspired you to write a werewolf story?

Answer: I’ve always been a big fan of werewolves and shapeshifters in stories. They are one of my favorite archetypes. I was warned that the market is somewhat saturated with stories of werewolves, but I disagree. There are so many angles, and this was a story that wouldn’t let me alone, so I had to write it. I wanted a story where that main character fought with every bit of his being to NOT become the ravenous beast, and kept asking myself – what would it take for a man to give into this dark side of himself? This evil side?

Question: How has the poetry of T.S. Elliot and John Keats influenced your life and work?

Answer: I studied literature in college and the language and themes of poetry affected me early on, particularly the work of T.S. Eliot. He not only fascinates me with his command of the language, but with his chosen subject matter and perspective. Poetry is so distilled, it is difficult to find anything more eloquent.

Question: How is your werewolf different and how can he be killed or die?

Answer: I do not deviate much from the traditional canon and expectations in this story. Silver is a big weakness for Harrison, but he can still be killed by other means. He’s just tough as hell, so if you want to kill him, you better bring a lot to the table.

Question: Tell us about the cages used in your story.

Answer: The cages are used to hold the kidnapped prey, thick bars dug deep in the sand. No one is getting out of these. Our hunters do not want their quarry escaping. Where is the fun in that? Also, early on, Harrison builds himself a “cage” of sorts out of an old vault connected to a timer to keep himself locked away as he learns to control his transformations. It is an effective means of “control”.

Question: Please expound a little on Harrison Dale’s backstory and how he became a werewolf.

Answer: Harrison’s origins are a mystery. He does not know who he is. His last known memory is of stumbling naked from the wilderness with a fractured skull. He did not even know he was a werewolf until he transformed in the hospital and killed a young girl, an act which still haunts him deeply to this day, and will most likely forever.

I am actively exploring ideas for continuing Harrison’s story as he works to discover his past.

Question: What are some of your favorite werewolf books and movies?

Answer: I’m a big fan of the original black and white films that were always so fun. I prefer stories that take the werewolf seriously but aren’t afraid to have a little fun. I’m more in line with the 2010 “Wolfman” or “An American Werewolf in London”. Sorry, “Teen Wolf” – you are fun, but not quite my bag.

Question: Tell us a little bit about your writing style and your journey into becoming an Indie author.

Answer: I’m not sure how to define my “style”. My main goal is to tell the best story I can. My stories don’t really fit into the main stream, so indie publishing was a good route for me. I’ve worked with small presses and have self-produced work. Both paths are equally worthy and have produced similar results. I’ve also sold several horror scripts and have seen some produced, so the work is getting out there. It’s fun, really, and I can’t stop anyway, so I will keep writing.

Question: How do you approach cover design?

Answer: I usually hire that out and offer input. There are some great artists out there.

Question: What in the literary world or book industry excites you the most right now?

Answer: I’m big on short fiction. I grab anthologies like crazy. Can’t get enough of them. There isn’t any money, really, in short fiction. It’s a pure labor of love for authors, and it shows.

Question: How to you respond to comments that say your dialogue in the book can be very coarse or offensive?

Answer: The subject matter lends itself to coarse or offensive dialogue, though I do not dwell in the criticisms. Once the work is out there, it takes on a life of its own. I no longer have a say in it.

Question: What are you working on next?

Answer: I’ve recently released story #2 in the “Chronicles of Strange Ways” series, called “The Chronicles of Strange Ways: The Whale Rock”. The series follows young Jake Chambers, a teen who has inherited his granduncle’s massive fortune in Strange Ways, Nevada. The caveat is that Jake must continue his granduncle’s secret investigations of the “strange” and paranormal that have plagued the city for centuries.

This new mystery begins when twenty seemingly random Strange Ways citizens suddenly vanish into thin air, including the town mayor and Porsche’s mother, Bambi. Dubbed “The Strange Ways Twenty”, they reappear as suddenly with no recollection of where they had gone. Soon after, odd events plague the town. Students are attacked by something with skin like a jellyfish, a man is killed after he mysteriously implodes for no apparent reason, and the Strange Ways Chief of Police is killed by some sort of wild animal of unknown origin. Jake, with the help of his friends, Porsche and Cloud, work to get to the bottom of this mystery, which leads them to discover a bitter rivalry between a clan of shape shifters and the Disciples of Shantytown who believe they are the world’s chosen saviors. Jake’s investigations lead him to a well-known rock formation dubbed “The Whale Rock”, which may or may not be what it seems, and he discovers something about himself that rocks him to the core and will forever change his life.

WerewolfBook would like to thank author Nickel Crow for taking the time to answer our questions. Please check out his book Master of the Hunt and The Chronicles of Strange Ways: The Whale Rock. Make sure to visit the below links:

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