Werewolf Book Interview with Xandrie Kovak Author of Animus & Sinful Supes Series

Today we interview Xandrie Kovak, author of the Sinful Supes Series. Here is the Amazon Link for the latest book in the series The Ferver. ISBN 978-1541154735 and ASIN: B01MZ75TPO. There are currently four books in the series with the first book Animus free here.

About the Book:

Everyone knows monsters exist.
But she never expected to be one of them…

Thanks to her great- great-grandmother, loner Claire Sommers’ DNA results are succubus positive. To make matters worse, her college is forcing her into the Supernatural night school. The last place she wants to be is in a room filled with ferals, vampires, and other monsters from her nightmares. The absolute worst thing she can imagine? Getting hit with her first fervor in the middle of said classroom. Especially in front of the new Alpha of the Red Crescent pack, Lucas Masters.

With every Supe in scenting distance caught up in the pheromone frenzy, Claire realizes she’s probably not going to survive the night with her dignity intact. She may not even survive at all…

Thanks Grandma.

The Fervor is the sizzling first installment of the Sinful Supes series. If you’re a fan of dominant werewolves and dark suspense, sink your teeth into The Fervor today.

About the Author:

Just about any XK book is rife with beautiful monsters, reader discretion advised labels, and romance of the dark variety. Basically, XK writes the kind of stories your mother warned you about.


Now the Interview Questions:

Question: Succubus, vampires, werewolves, and a world where supernatural creatures are not only known to exist, but are legislated, segregated, and even policed–what was your inspiration for writing this book series?

Answer: Well, it’s been done before so it’s not that original of a concept and I don’t think I can take credit. As for inspiration, I wanted to set up a world where I can write a bunch of interweaving stories while not getting locked down into a traditional series. I like to think of the Sinful Supes Stories as more of a spider web, which makes it more fun for me as a writer. This way I could keep writing in the series indefinitely if the demand is still there.

Question: Please give us some background story on Lucas and his pack.

Answer: Well, I’d recommend reading Animus if anyone wants to know Lucas’ back story. The amusing thing is I had only planned on writing a short story, but it ended up taking on a life of its own and turned into a long novella. You can read it for free through my mailing list (readers.xkovak.com/animus). I mention this because it’s the only place it’s available, unless you want to purchase a paperback version off amazon.

Question: How can the werewolves in your story be killed or die?

Answer: Decapitation is a pretty good start. In all honestly, it depends on how strong the feral is. Some of them can survive explosions and getting shot in the head…others cannot.

Question: What excites you in the literary or publishing world right now?

Answer: The freedom and the community. There’s just so many opportunities.

Question: There have been several comments on the underage sex in the book. This has been done successfully by other authors in the past, but why did you choose to include this given the current feminist culture and society?

Answer: I’m not sure what feminism has to do with anything, but if you mean Social Justice Warriors and the Cult of Outrage… well first off, I never tried to make a statement with the underage thing, nor is it The Fervor’s focus. It wasn’t a conscious decision. Lucas is a guy who has gone through some shit, and it just so happens he’s young when it all goes down. I think that speaks more to his character and being able to handle things. I don’t believe maturity is dictated by a number.

And honestly, teenagers have sex. All the time. In the real world. Even though I write dark urban fantasy and paranormal romance, I’d like to think my characters are believable.

That being said, even if it occurred to me that I’d be offending people, it changes nothing. I’ve got this tagline: Author & Choking Hazard. It means I don’t pull my punches when it comes to my fiction. Yes, I want to give my readers what they want, but at the same time, I’m not going to twist my writing integrity to do it. I’ve spent years battling self-censorship, so if I can win that gigantic war within myself, strangers telling me they don’t approve doesn’t concern me. All it means is that specific book is not their cup of tea. Everything gets criticized. That’s just how this world works.

So back to your original question: Why did you choose to include underage sex?

To which I reply: Eh, it just happened.

Question: The series is definitely written for adults. How do you approach writing a steamy sex scene?

Answer: Well I’d never written a sex scene before The Fervor. My approach? Fumbling in the dark 😉

Question: Please tell use about some of the action and death scenes and how you approach writing these.

Answer: I just soak up a lot of story through various mediums. I consider reading books and watching movies to be my “research.” Basically, I do a lot of things by instinct, learned from a lifetime of soaking in both good and bad storytelling.

When it comes to my own writing, I’ve never really dissected it. If I tried to, I probably wouldn’t have as much fun.

Question: Tell us a little about your journey as an Indie Author and how you see the self-published industry changing.

Answer: I knew about ebooks and being an indie author since at least 2011. Probably earlier. I always knew it was something I wanted to do, but I wasn’t ready. I had a lot of analysis by paralysis and self-censorship issues to work through. Even though I’m technically a newbie, I don’t feel like one. I wouldn’t recommend people take my path. If I were starting out from scratch I would make a pen name and just do it. Learn the lessons the hard (but fast) way. And if you mess up, burn the pen name to the ground and start over again with all your shiny, new knowledge. Don’t waste years being a coward like I did. Just go for it.

As for predictions on how the industry will change, I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter. The best thing about being an indie is you can turn on a dime. The floodgates have opened and the serious writers who treat it like a business and who can write a damn good story will be able to navigate through any storm.

Question: I really like your strategy to building your email list. Please give other authors some insights on how they can repeat your success.


Step 1) Write a book readers love.

Step 2) Throw that puppy on a site where you can give away your book in exchange for an email address. Instafreebie worked for me, but who knows what awesome opportunities are out there by the time you read this.

Step 3) Participate in a lot of group promotions with other authors in your genre.

If that doesn’t build you the start of a platform it means there’s something wrong (either your cover, blurb, etc.) and you need to find the issue and fix it. This can be a very powerful discovery before the book is published. For instance, I realized that I needed to change The Fervor’s original cover because it wasn’t coming across as paranormal enough. Learning the difference between a beautiful cover and an effective one was an excellent lesson for me.

What are you working on next?

Answer: The Hunter (the direct sequel to The Fervor). It takes place during the same time as Beauty & Beast with lots of crossover characters. Fun stuff.

We at WerewolfBook.com would like to thank Xandrie Kovak for taking the time to answer our questions. Please check out her book series and the links below:

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