Werewolf With Human Head in Underworld Blood Wars

Warning contains spoilers

This weekend I saw the latest movie in the Underworld series: Blood Wars. In this movie Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene who is now alone and hunted by vampires and Lycan’s alike. Her daughter has requested she leave her alone and Selene is happy to oblige to keep her safe. Theo James returns as her sole vampire ally David, and this time his father Thomas (Charles Dance) is there to help as well, seeking safe passage for Selene to return to the remaining Eastern coven of vampires.

The werewolves have a new leader in Marius (Tobias Menzies) who is hunting for the blood of Selene’s hybrid daughter Eve. The other hybrid Michael who was very abscent from the last movie has had his blood harvested by Marius before killing him. Unexplicably, drinking Michael’s blood allows Marius to transform into a werewolf with a human head and even *gasp* use weapons in Lycan form.

This was a surprising turn of events. Unfortunately it didn’t make a lot of sense but I did enjoy the originality of it. I can’t remember ever seeing a creature with the body of a werewolf but head and mind of a human before. It was a nice change but didn’t see enough screen time or fully explore this new form.

Selene mysteriously transforms (yet again) after almost dying and visiting the “spirit world”. Her return is marked with new powers and blond highlights!

The movie has received very harsh reviews, partially because it follows the same tired formula as the other movies include a summary at the beginning of the film. If they really wanted to reinvigorate the Underworld franchise they should have done something new and daring. My recommendation would be to have Selene “healed” of the vampire curse and then turned into a werewolf. Now a werewolf Selene would have been something new and exciting!

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