Werewolves Return in UnderWorld Blood Wars Movie

As a fan of the movies, I have seen every installment and am pretty excited to have a new Underworld movie in 2017.

The Underworld series continues with the fifth film “Blood Wars”. Kate Beckinsale will return as Selene and Theo James returning as David. The werewolves have a new leader with Tobias Menzies as Marius leading the Lycan’s against the vampire clan.  The movie will also feature Bradley James and Clementine Nicholson.

In this movie it looks like Selene needs to become even more powerful and becomes a “daywalker”.

The movie will be directed by Anna Foerster. The movie is scheduled to be released in January 6, 2017.

Check out the below high definition Official “Blood” Trailer:


UnderWorld Blood Wars “Blood” HD Trailer

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